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Corrosion and deterioration of steel pipelines are costly and may also lead to environmental pollution. Therefore, much to the development of protective coatings and systems done.

The circumstances and applications are continually subject to change. EHRI Pipeline has developed a revolutionary epoxy coating system that resists the most aggressive conditions. The system is known under the name EHRI coat. EHRI Pipeline has succeeded in the good qualities of steel, fiberglass and two-component epoxy resins to unite.

Steel tubes are completely blasted automatically (according to Swedish standard SA 2 1/2). Immediately thereafter, an epoxy resin impregnated glass fabric in spiral band once again automatically on the tube, the coating thickness is dependent on the wishes of the client, and is normally about 2 mm. The resins are cured with the metal tube as the radiating source of heat.

Optimum adhesion is the result, because all vapors in a natural way to come out. The tube itself heated by an induction coil to the pipe moves. This coil is fed by a high-frequency current.

The curing temperature may be in this way to be very accurately controlled electronically. The result: an absolutely spark-proof, impact resistant and chemical-resistant protective layer which also largely insensitive to humidity and temperature.

EHRI Pipeline delivers her professional contribution to corrosion and degradation and ultimately for a habitable environment.